Frequent Asked Question about Mahogo

About Mahogo

What can we do with Mahogo?

Mahogo is a service like amazon kindle for e-textbook. Mahogo provides e-textbooks through tablets. We can use this app in classroom, after school program, etc.

Our current textbooks are about technology education like coding and robotics. We are planning to expand into other kinds of textbooks ESL (English as Second Language), Chinese Language, International Baccalaureate.

How much does it cost for Mahogo?

Each e-textbook has different price. Please sign up and check them in Mahogo Store. With 1 license, you can use 1 year with 1 tablet.

What age range do e-textbooks take?

We focus on K12 age range. Each textbook has different age range.

What is the system requirements.

Mahogo requires

  • wifi
  • iPad 2 or greater
    • iOS 9 or greater
  • If you want to use SCRATCH(MIT), you need PC for it.