Scratch Easy Coding 1

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Will release on April

With 1 license, you can use 1 year with 1 tablet.
iPad is required to use this e-textbook.

About this e-textbook

SCRATCH of MIT is a great tool for learning code for children. On the other hand, it is too difficult for 6-10 years old to make games by themselves without any instructions. As a first step, they need to repeat practicing to make very easy games.

This e-textbook is designed for 6-10 years old children who doesn’t have much experience of SCRATCH. In this e-textbook, the amounts of blocks are quite small. Any children can easily make their first games by themselves. Games are simple but interesting. After making games, children can change and modify with their own creativity.


This textbook has 12 Scratch games.

  • Apple Cat – 19 blocks
  • Healthy Dance – 14 blocks
  • Lightning Cat – 21 blocks
  • Rolling Cat Landing – 25 blocks
  • Cat Piano – 27 blocks
  • Taking Bananas – 28 blocks
  • Space Balls – 29 blocks
  • Escape From Dragons – 31 blocks
  • Run through Bats – 31 blocks
  • Star and Octopi – 32 blocks
  • Cake Witch – 33 blocks

1 Unit has 1 game.  Each unit has “how to play the game” video and “how to code” instruction.

Teaching Guide

In the beginning of class, please show children “how to play games” video which is included in each unit. This video motivates children to make a game.

Then let children follow the textbook instruction and let them copy code. After they copy properly, let children play the game for a while (around 5-10 min).

After playing the game, this is the most important part, let them change or modify their games. Some units have “If you finished…” (additional task) on the last page. Let children create their own world.

For first class. a teacher has to help students much. But after 2 or 3 classes, children can make by themselves.


Tsuyoshi Motobe

Principal of international after school program in Japan. For 1st to 4th graders, continuously provides technology, STEM, art and ESL classes.

Number of Units : 12 Units
Age Range :  6 – 10 years old
Class Length : 50 – 70 min
Class Size : 2 – 36 students
Student : Teacher Ratio : max 12 students / 1 teacher