Editorial Guidelines

When you start to make e-textbook contents for Mahogo, Please read this editorial guidelines.

How Our App and Our E-textbooks Work in the Classroom

Our Mahogo app is a tablet app which is used in classroom. Our app provide e-textbooks.

What can our App do?


Our app can

  • display jpg images
  • display mp4 videos
  • prevent users copy e-textbook contents
  • sell e-textbooks


Our app cannot

  • let users download files
  • print out on paper
  • interactive action

Word Definition : “Course”, “Unit” and “Page”

A “course” is like a “textbook”.

A “course” is a bundle of multiple units of textbook contents. You can take a “course” as a book of textbook.

A “course” has multiple “units”.

An “unit” has multiple “pages”.


A “course” must have following information :

  • Course Title (within 40 letters)
  • Course Description (within 2000 letters)
  • Age Range :  (ex: 6 – 10 years old)
  • Class Length : (ex: 50 – 70 min)
  • Class Size : (ex: 2 – 36 students)
  • Student : Teacher Ratio : (ex:max 12 students / 1 teacher)
  • Price
  • Course Cover Image


An “unit” is a minimum unit of teaching contents. Usually 1 “unit” takes 1 or 2 class(es) (40 min – 120 min).

All units in the same course have to take same style of teaching contents. This similarity of units makes teachers feel easy and comfortable to provide their class to students.

A “unit” must have following information :

  • Unit Title (within 40 letters)
  • Unit Description (within 120 letters)

An unit contains multiple pages of images or videos.

The following image shows an example of 1 unit. This unit has 10 pages. 2 of 10 pages are videos. 8 of 10 pages are images.


You can use a image OR a video on each page.

  • image (jpg)
  • video (mp4)


Your images must be jpg files which size is 1280 px × 720 px.


Your videos must be mp4 files which size is 1280 px × 720 px.

You cannot add text as text format. If you want to put some texts on your pages, your text must be included in your images or your videos.

How to make images with PowerPoint.

You can make 1280 px × 720 px images with Power Point very easily.

Please note that you have to choose “widescreen (16 : 9) ” size in Power Point. Do not make them with Standard (4:3) size. Please check the following link.

Change the size of your slides.